Monday, February 17, 2014

I've Moved!

Alright! It's official! I've moved to my new spot in the blogosphere! I am no longer The Redheaded Princess, but am now A Ginger Mess! All of my new posts will be coming from  Please head on over and follow me over there! My twitter, pinterest, google+ should all be the same. I just have a new facebook page and rss feed. Check it out!! Let me know what you think! I will miss The Redheaded Princess, but it's time to move on! I hope you will join me!

FYI All of my old posts are coming right along with me! If there's anything you love, Pin it for me so people go to my new location. The RHP will be up and running until October.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

{DIY} Valentine's Day Cards

Hey Y'all! Here's my last DIY post on the Redheaded Princess! It's the 2014 version of our Valentine's cards. What I did was take a picture of my girls out in front of our house. Then, they sat with me and helped make the editing decisions when I uploaded them to Picmonkey is awesome! you can create borders and overlays like the hearts. Just be creative and don't be afraid to play around. You can always hit 'undo'! Enjoy!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Countdown is on!

Hey Everyone!

So the countdown to the New Me is on! I've made the decision and this time  next week I will no longer be The Redheaded Princess, but will be A Ginger Mess! Don't worry, I will bring all my posts from The Redheaded Princess with me, so you won't lose any of my yummy recipes or DIYs. They'll all still be there. And the RHP will be up and running until October. So, in honor of my new name and locations, I will have a giveaway that first week! So, tell me...what's been your favorite post from the RHP?? Post in the comments...I'd love to hear from you!!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Should I Change My Name?

Hey Everyone!

So I have a thought I want to run by my faithful readers. A few years ago, when I started The Redheaded Princess, I loved the name but at the same time...a part of me cringed a little because it's not 100% me. Yes, it's a little silly, calling oneself a Princess, but at the same time it took me years to feel that I was the eyes of God I mean. It was a sort of self-proclamation. So now, a few years later, I'm looking at my blog and though it's cute, I think I want something that speaks a little more of the real me. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a "Princess" in God's eyes, and I understand my self-worth (although on bad days sometimes I struggle...but I'm only's a process). Also, I'm not too keen on the idea that if someone forgets to put the word "THE" in front of that they will end up on a nasty porn site. My daughter and some of her friends read my blog, so I really get nervous that they may accidentally end up in the wrong neighborhood of the blogosphere. That's a big deal! Another reason, I just think that something needs to change. I want to define my blog a little more. I'm a DIY/Food blogger with a little Lifestyle sprinkled in. Do you agree? So here's the name I came up with. I think it more accurately defines who I am while still giving props to my readheadedness:

A Ginger Mess
"A Day in the Life of a DIYer and Foodie Momma" 
(this I'm willing to change and tweak)

Why "A Ginger Mess"? Well, because that's what I am. My life is a beautiful mess. I'm being pulled in a million directions between my family, school, job, church and oh yes, my million hobbies. I love my mess of a life. It's chaotic and loud and never stops, but it's wonderful at the same time. I figure, let's call a spade a spade why don't we. I'm a mess. (though I act like a princess at times). I can't narrow anything down to one specific thing and I'm one of those people that is always changing and never stops trying to learn new things. Sometimes I wish I could just quit and sit home doing nothing (my husband would love that! lol)  but I just can't. I've always got something new on the horizon.

What are your thoughts? Would you come over with me if I switch? Do you have any suggestions? Please, I'm all ears. This is going to be a big process for me if I do it so any advice you have let me have it...but please be nice.

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